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The Town of Dubois, Wyoming

The Lazy L&B Ranch is located 30 minutes from the small, western town of Dubois, Wyoming. Dubois (pronounced “doo-BOYZ”) has a storied past of cowboys and outlaws and was a favorite haunt of Butch Cassidy. It will bring you back to a simpler time as you stroll along the wooden sidewalks in this quaint town that True West magazine named the Best Architecturally Preserved Town in 2018.

Aside from the town itself, here are a few things in Dubois that you may want to visit either before, after, or during your stay at the ranch. 

Tuesday Night Square Dance

Tuesday Night Summer Square Dances have been a tradition in Dubois since 1948!

St. Thomas’ Guild (now Episcopal Church Women) established the Summer Square Dances as a fundraiser which would also provide family entertainment for visitors and locals and create a safe place for young people on a weeknight. No experience required, the caller will teach you everything you need to know. It’s good old fashioned fun and pretty much impossible to wipe the smile off your face as you do-si-do and promenade. 

The National Museum of Military Vehicles

The National Museum of Military Vehicles displays the largest private collection of military vehicles in the United States. What started as the owners’ personal passion and appreciation for military history turned into a desire to share the collection with the public, educate guests on the roles various military vehicles and weaponry played in shaping our history, and convey the stories of the brave service members who operated them.

The Dubois Museum

The Dubois Museum collects, preserves, and interprets artifacts and other materials including those of geologic importance, beginning with Precambrian Era and extending through the end of the timber industry in the 1980’s.  The focus of the collection is on the Upper Wind River Valley, Fremont County and Western Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain Region.  Artifacts may be considered from other time periods and geographical areas if those in question have exceptional qualities related to the interpretation of the Upper Wind River Valley, Fremont County, Western Wyoming, and the Rocky Mountains Region.

raft on scenic river

Wind River Float Trips

Wind River Float Trips offer both scenic floats and whitewater rafting out of Dubois. These trips are on the beautiful Big Wind River that flows through the Wind River Indian Reservation. On the scenic float, you’ll be able to stop and see ancient petroglyphs on rising rock walls, as well as have lunch at Upper Dinwoody Lake and view the incredible petroglyphs on rose-colored rock faces that overlook the landscapes below.

Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks

A lot of our guests couple a trip to the ranch with a visit to one or both of the nearby National Parks. Historically, dude ranching and Yellowstone have been intertwined and it’s still a natural pairing.

The entrance into Grand Teton National Park is 75 miles from the Lazy L&B Ranch and the south gate of Yellowstone National Park is another 25 miles through GTNP.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If you’re flying in and out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming you might spend a night in Jackson either before and/or after a visit to the ranch. If you find yourself in town on a Saturday night, you may want to attend the Jackson Hole RodeoRodeo is a sport that grew out of the cattle industry in the American West. Skills of the range cowboy led to competitive contests that eventually resulted in standard events for rodeo.

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