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Kids love it at the ranch!

Our childrens’ program is not one where you drop your kids off in the morning and pick them up again at the end of the day, but rather we try to strike a balance between the kids’ having some independence and a memorable, shared family experience.

Our trail riding program starts at age 6 and generally children ride separately in groups of similar age and ability. There’s a scheduled family ride on Thursday morning and also the opportunity to do a short family ride on Sunday depending on your arrival time. You’re always welcome to join your kids on their ride and we check in with you before each ride so this is something you can decide day to day. Children under 6 will be well cared for and entertained while the rest of you are out riding and they can be ponied around the ranch even if they can’t hit the trail. And of course they can participate in all the other kids’ activities.

Everyone is always welcome at the corrals in the morning, if anyone is interested in helping to groom and tack up their horse.

Aside from Sunday and Thursday, most meals are eaten together. On Sunday the kids eat together with some of the wranglers, tour the ranch, have their safety demo, play games and have fun! This sets a good tone for the week as they have an opportunity to start to get to know each other and are excited to start riding together. On Thursday the kids always look forward to a campfire cookout with s’mores.

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons there are other activities scheduled such as a fly-fishing 101 clinic, roping clinic, rifle range (12 and up) and kids activities (leatherwork, hiking, arts and crafts, games, etc.).

We have a petting zoo, tree house, pool, hot tub and the East Fork River runs through the ranch but some of the most fun the kids have is roaming the ranch, creating their own adventures!

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