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Other Ranch Activities for the Whole Family

A Petting Zoo for All Ages- Because We’re More Than Just Horses

Kids of all ages have fun in the petting zoo that’s adjacent to the corrals. The critters may change from season to season but there are always hens laying fresh eggs, friendly barn cats and a variety of furry creatures that love to be loved.

Cowboy Up and Test Your Skills at the Rifle Range & Roping Clinic

Channel your inner Annie Oakley or Cowboy Kid and test your sharp shooting skills at the rifle range one afternoon. You’ll have the opportunity to shoot several firearms at a variety of targets and find out if you could have cut it in Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West!

Learn the ropes, quite literally, of lassoing cattle! At the roping clinic, we use hay bales with plastic steer heads to teach you the techniques of this crucial cowboy skill. With enough practice, you’ll be entering the next Rodeo!

Take a Dip in the Pool or the River

Cool off after your time on the trail with a dip in the heated pool or the East Fork river, which runs through the ranch.

Campfires are a Must at a Dude Ranch!

There’s not much not to like about a campfire. It’s backcountry television! It’s easy to gather around and sit for hours mesmerized by the dancing flames. Add in anything else: good company, s’mores, drinks, music, or all of the above and you’re so content it’s hard to tear yourself away. 

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