Horses in Green Pasture with Blue Skies Lazy L&B Ranch Dubois Wyoming Guest Dude Ranch

October is winding down which means it’s time for the horses to head to their winter pasture. After our season ends, the lease horses go back home and the Lazy L&B horses roam the ranch eating it down. That takes them about a month and a half at which point we move them to two different pastures that we lease from ranchers in Crowheart, about 30 miles from the ranch. This year it was a bit of a rush to get ahead as there was a winter storm in the forecast, which ended up dropping 9 inches of snow on the ranch!

So how do we get 53 horses to pasture? A 28-foot horse trailer! It took 4 trips over two days to get them there, transporting 13-14 horses each trip. They were all very happy to arrive at the very grassy pastures but the ranch seems empty without them. Needless to say, we’re already looking forward to picking them up next May!