If you visited us last year, chances are you were lucky enough to be entertained by Jess and Norm. All season long we looked forward to Monday evenings because for an hour or so we could sit with a drink, relax and listen to their beautiful harmonies.

We’re very happy to share that Jess Camilla O’Neal and the Neversweat Players have released their album, “Awaken to the Wind” and now we can listen to our favorite songs on Tuesday or Saturday or any time we want. No more counting down the days until Monday. The downside of the album is there’s no witty banter but the upside is the addition of the other two band members, Chris Sabatka and Steve Glenn. It makes me nostalgic for those Monday evenings under the big Wyoming sky and excited to get our 2014 season underway.

The album can be downloaded on iTunes and CDBaby. The latter gives you the option of purchasing the CD.