During the week of June 28th, the Wilson sisters from New Zealand, will be offering optional clinics in addition to our regular ranch program. The Wilson sisters firmly believe in producing happy horses that love their work and they have gained a reputation for their success in the competition arena, rehabilitating sore and difficult horses and taming the wild ones. They are highly sought after instructors and clinicians and over the years they have worked alongside leading horsemen and women and their knowledge of sore and difficult horses is comprehensive. From skeletal and dental issues, incorrect shoeing, nutrition, saddle fit and more, they work with a team of highly respected colleagues to find solutions, rather than punish the symptoms. The Wilson sisters believe that there is a vital need for people to better understand their horses and are committed to improving horse welfare on a national and international scale.

HAPPY HORSES: Many riders see a horse with problems and their thinking is ‘my horse is naughty and I need it fixed, the sooner the better’. But what if bucking, rearing, rushing, refusing or poor jumping technique was not the problem, just a symptom. Surely, rather than mask the symptom with big bits, whip and spurs, wouldn’t you want to get to and resolve the cause? This clinic talks you through skeletal and dental issues, incorrect shoeing, nutrition, saddle fit and more.

STARTING A YOUNG HORSE UNDER SADDLE: During your weeks stay Vicki will be starting one of the Lazy L&B Ranch horses under saddle, join us at the corrals and then out on the range as she first backs it, then joins others out on the trails. She will talk through the process involved and you will see firsthand the progress that can be made with her gentle approach in just one week.

KEEPING UP WITH THE MUSTANGS: The Wilson sisters have five wild Mustangs based at the Lazy L&B Ranch and when you arrive they will have had just ten weeks of handling. Watch as the girls train them for the Extreme Mustang Makeover and listen as they talk you through the process of taking horses from the wild and the crucial steps to gaining their trust and transforming them into willing equine partners.


This is going to be a fun and educational week with guests from around the world! Please contact the ranch for more details.

Mustangs on the Mesa ride

Mustangs on the Mesa ride