Driving the girls to meet the school bus in the morning is an adventure in itself as it takes about 20 minutes to get from the ranch to the end of East Fork Road. The good news is that there’s no traffic, well, no vehicular traffic. A couple of days ago we were heading down the road when we saw a wall of black up ahead. It was still a bit dark out so it was hard to see what it was exactly. As we approached we realized it was elk. Tons of elk! I would say at least 125 elk. It was an awesome sight but unfortunately I didn’t have my camera.

The next morning Jason drove the girls to the bus and they came across elk again. He figures there were about 1,000. Hmmm, is this an exaggeration maybe? Nope, Julia caught some footage and it was wall-to-wall elk. I guess we can’t rely on the commute being 20 minutes every morning. Some days there is traffic on the East Fork Road.